About Us

Hello there and welcome to my world.  My name is Amani Abushaqra.  My story began long ago in a small city called Ramtha located in the country of Jordan. I made Minnesota, United States my home many years ago when I chose this as the place where my children would be born and raised.  
I consider myself to be a very colorful Person with a wide array of passions and talents.  I left Jordan as a young girl, and feel that I discovered my true inner woman as I journeyed through life and living in MN.  I am a mother of three amazing young men. I’m also a dreamer, an artist, a wisher and a thinker.  I am the heart and soul, as well as the founder of Amani's Fashion and I’m so excited to share this with you!
This is a project born out of love for many different life experiences and for the celebration of diversity. I love to create and infuse my vision into the fashion  I design. I wish to share with the world, my love of Jordanian traditional culture mixed with modern midwestern American life.  
Here at Amani’s I incorporated the exquisite designs of Middle Eastern patterns and merged it with today’s modern fashion. The final products consist of elements from the Middle eastern culture that have been transformed into a unique and vibrant piece of clothing, which whispers the story of travel, adventure, and self discovery.  I hope you find something special to love here and look forward to sharing more of my story with you!